Bring back a seniors' ability to eat, speak and smile!

Help us turn crisis into hope!

Bring back a seniors' ability to eat, speak and smile! image




Help us turn crisis into hope!

Seniors have been historically unable to access oral healthcare due to lack of coverage, financial resources, and transportation barriers.

Dental care often falls by the wayside for low-income seniors when they are forced to choose food and rent over dental care, due to financial restrictions. Fear of high costs and apprehension of the dentist, now coupled with COVID-19 safety, prevents them from seeking care, delaying treatment and allowing oral health issues to escalate in severity. Many of our seniors come to us with prolonged dental pain, gum disease, and even tooth loss as a result.

Our goal is to squash those barriers! At the Senior Dental Center, patients are screened, triaged, and their care is coordinated, all on-site, promoting seniors' ability to successfully age in place.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team quickly transitioned to providing telehealth/teledentistry services. Upon returning from our temporary closure, our team was well equipped to not only address our patients’ oral health needs but also assess and refer patients to medical, financial, nutritional and mental health resources. Over 950 senior patients and non-patients reached out to the Senior Dental Center team for support during the acute phase of the pandemic.

Patient Testimonial: "Oral hygiene almost cost me my life...I had a swelling that had been an infection. I went to the emergency room and got sent home. Came back here [to the Senior Dental Center], and in less than 24 hours I was back here with a surgeon, taking care of the problem I had, that the ER doctor failed to see. I owe them...because, they saved my life. I can only say thank you to the Senior Dental Center dental program, because it was also affordable. Look at my smile! I'm happy. Thank you!"

With the help of our donors we are able to continue to provide these essential yet often overlooked services. Join us in our journey! Restoring a seniors' oral health turns crisis into hope.